About Us


Who is
Winners Marketing?

Winners Marketing is a manufacturer of Class B Coin-Operated Amusement Machines (COAMs), partnering with Class B Master Licensees. With a solid reputation in Nebraska and Georgia as both a manufacturer and a Class B Master Licensee, our unique experience on both sides of the industry allows us to provide quality service to our business partners. We understand the pressures and difficulties associated with operating a business, and we aim to increase your profitability through sustainable revenue streams with unique games only available through Winners Marketing.
Lion Fish

Partnering With Winners Marketing

Started in Georgia by a previous Master License Holder, Winners Marketing offers a unique approach to skill-based games. We have been in your shoes and understand the specific needs of your business. That is why we work with Master License Holders to ensure you have access to the latest and greatest skill-based games we have to offer. Get in front of the competition and delight your clients with the newest skill-based games available.
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What We Provide

Winners Marketing manufactures new and unique fish table games. We are the only manufacturer of fish table games approved in the state of Georgia. That means our games aren’t available anywhere else. To provide your operators with a truly exceptional and exclusive experience, check out our various games. Our fish table game is currently available in two configurations with two more in development including:

An Unparalleled Gaming Manufacturer

As a previous Master License Holder in the state of Georgia, Winners Marketing understands that it can be difficult to inspire excitement in businesses with skill-based games. Other manufacturers stick with the tried and true, whereas we want to get creative.
Bringing new games to this stagnant industry is our goal. We want to discover never-before-seen games and bring them to the state of Georgia—inspiring players and businesses alike to crave the games you provide.
Winners Marketing manufactures the highest quality stand-up gaming cabinets and hardware available in our industry. Each gaming cabinet is outfitted with reliable, field-tested components that are commercial grade and can stand up to daily, high-volume play.
Unparalleled Gaming Manufacturer