Multi-Player Configurations

Operators have unique space availability and every inch of real estate has to be utilized efficiently, with limits for the number of players allowed in the space. To meet these needs, we have created multiple player configurations to suit a wide variety of your operators’ locations.

When your operators have a fish game table from Winners Marketing, the game is a single interchangeable board that works with any of the configurations, allowing operators to choose a style that meets space needs and restrictions.

The four-player upright fish game allows players to stand and participate in the game with up to four players at a time.


  • Height: 64.09”
  • Length: 92.52”
  • Width: 37.67”
Four player gaming cabinet manufacturer and supplier in Georgia
four-player fish table

The standard four-player fish table allows players to sit while playing the game and provides space for up to four players.


  • Height: 33.11”
  • Length: 55.70”
  • Width: 49.05”

The three-player upright fish game enables up to 3 players to participate, side-by-side, in the game at the same time.


  • Height: 64.4″
  • Width: 75.6″
  • Depth: 28″
Three player cabinet
Two player gaming cabinet

The two-player upright fish game allows side-by-side players to participate in the game at the same time.


  • Height: 64.4″
  • Width: 53.1″
  • Depth: 28″